Workers like kids in a candy shop

Author: Katie Holmes

Our engineers had the opportunity to work on a site with a unique septic tank this week. Our main job was to investigate smells and locate the septic tank. Our engineers were able to locate the tank once on site and were amazed at the tanks ability to clean the waste water ready to be exited to soakaways.


They enjoyed tracing the layout of the tank and the soakaway system, lifting loads of manholes and sending our camera down as many pipes as possible we were able to provide our client with a report which showed the reason for the smells and the location.




I have never seen engineers so excited to see so much human waste!




   The tank we were working with has many sections including a bio stage, which they described as a bubbling river.



We are excited for what the future possibilities not only with our client but with the manufacture of this amazing product.


Exciting times ahead !!!!



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