Training Feb 2019

Author: Katie Holmes

Our engineers have just spent the past few days in Swindon completing the N.A.D.C training program (Certified drainage surveyor training course), this was a refresher for our engineers to ensure our customers are getting the most up to date information.


Day one: Have our engineers sit through 6 modules of work and complete 5 tests, lucky enough they listened an all passed Day one. They were refresher don drain and sewer ownership, Misconnections and the impact on the environment, drain systems and design and Investigations. Wow what a full day this was hard for our engineers as they are more site-based hands on rather than classroom based.


Day Two: Was all about coding knowing the codes for the defect noticed while on a CCTV survey, this was a several hours going through codes followed by a 2hr exam on coding. Engineers feel confident that they have passed, we will have to wait for the official paperwork lol.


During this training trip they learnt new thing and meet some interesting people. They have also come back to the office with a huge list of new products they now wish to try lol, well we will have to see about that, it’s like we sent kids to a candy shop!!!


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