Super Sewer London

Author: Katie Holmes

We have been watching the five billion pounds super sewer and were amazed at the amount of sewage being routed to the Thames river. This programme was not only shocking but very informative. I hope people noticed the amount of product that are flushed down the drains that should not be. It was horrid to see people rowing along the Thames which should be a beautiful river but instead they were passing condoms, tampons and sanitary towels amongst other things.

This programme is on BBC TWO it is very interesting as they show you the old sewer systems from the Victorian times, the brick work and workmen ship was amazing. It is hard to believe that in 2018 we are polluting the river just as the Victorians did which resulted in them designing a new drainage system. Hopefully once this super sewer is working we can clean up the river and create a pleasant environment for all.


To make a pleasant future for our families please, read our (Bin it Don’t Flush it) blog. If we re-educate ourselves, we can reduce blockages which are mostly caused by products snagging and building up to create fatbergs.




episode one is now on BBC iPlayer

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