Coventry Pride 2019

Author: Katie Holmes

Wow lets update you on our weekend at Coventry Pride, It may have started out wet and rather miserable at 7am on the Saturday but by the time the event started the sun was trying to shine.


The rain did not stop people arriving to have fun and show love, it was truly a fun filled day on Saturday with many family’s popping past us and saying hi, our stand was rather different and many people were intrigued with us and why we were there lol.



We were able to advise many who approached our engineers with issues and handed out many card leaflets and balloons. 

The music kept the party going long into the night, but we packed up around 5pm as we were still wet from the rain earlier in the day. Sunday was dry which made setting up easier and our feet stayed dry all day.


Sunday seemed a tad slower but once the sun was out fully people arrive including our little helper. They enjoyed every minute of the event a I truly feel that everyone there got a card or balloon lol.



We truly enjoyed our weekend and can’t wait for next year hopefully a tad dryer.

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