Buying or Selling your home you may need a Drainage Report

Author: Katie Holmes

If you are buying or selling a home, you may need to think of providing or obtaining a Drainage CCTV survey. This will let you know if public sewers run within your boundary or if they are all private drains during the survey, we can look at the condition and serviceability of the sewers or drains. The laws regarding Drainage and who has ownership changed in 2011.



                                                       After Transfer 


Most people only have these kinds of reports done when they have an issue or are planning on having works done such as extensions. If you leave till there is an issue you will find that this most likely could have been avoided with minimal disruption and cost.


By surveying your drains within your boundary, you are logging any changes and small issues that can be dealt with sooner rather than later. As no one want foul waste all over there home or gardens.


If a sewer is located within your boundary and you wish to do invasive landscaping / extensions within 1m of the sewer you would need to obtain permission from the water board. They would normally request a CCTV survey and report to be completed to obtain the condition of the sewer.


Please call today to arrange a Private Drainage CCTV Survey and report which helps locate and identify what type of drain or sewer are located within your Boundary.

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