Annual Gutter clean using Boom Lift

Author: Katie Holmes

Last weekend our engineers were able to play with the big toys while completing an annual gutter clean for one of our clients.


We worked on a Saturday morning to prevent major disruption to our clients, we were able to work more safely as less cars and staff were using the site during our visit.

Engineer checking the equipment prior to moving it to site location, practising emergency stop ensuring the engineer on the ground knows what to do in the event of an emergency. We ensure that our radios are used for  communication when using machinery such as this. Our engineers safety is always key when working on any site.

It was a perfect day dry, sunny and no wind to prevent us from fulfilling our work. what a view as you can see if we were to do the job on a week day we would have more obstacles (cars and staff) to consider which creates further health and safety issues.



When on site we always try to gather more images to use across our social media forums.

Hope you enjoy this as much as we do.




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